a present from me to you

{ click here to download the calendar } 

dear friends,
the new year is almost here, so i made a present for you and me,
a way to thank you for the lovely year spent together ♥

it is not a desktop calendar, it's meant to be printed & hanged
maybe it can be placed on a wall near drawings and pressed leaves
or maybe it can brighten your office & make you dream of faraway lands.
whatever you chose, i hope you like it.

have a wonderful and happy new year

with love,

this calendar is based on a photo of a pretty calendar i saw several months ago in a now forgotten webpage. ever since i first saw it i've been patiently waiting for the new year to make a similar one, but using my own photos. if you happen to know the original source / design, please, do share the link so i can give credit where credit is due :)

edit : the original calendar is from emma dime with photos by laura dart. thank you, twiggs!

just a minute in december

me making silly faces, as always 

our time in the mountains was short, but ever so lovely
i'll hold on to those memories as we face the last days of december:
hectic, chaotic, full of obligations, family dinners & afternoons with friends

reading heart of darkenss by joseph conrad
dreaming of having a little house in the woods
drinking lots of herbal iced tea, with cardamom & sweetened with pure honey
finishing my little time capsule, which i'll open on january 2014
making plans for the summer
wishing you all a wonderful new year, full of flowers and happiness

i'll be sharing a little present later today
my way to thank you for the lovely year spent together ♥


spring days

november, 2012.
rainy days and tilia (linden) flowers


dear friends,
we're leaving for the mountains and lakes.
will be back in a few days,
with pinecones, flowers & little rocks in our pockets
and hopefully some pretty photos to share

hope you have a wonderful weekend and a lovely week

with love,



"no need for bowl or silver spoon,
sugar or spice or cream,
has the wild berry plucked in june
beside the trickling stream.
emily dickinson

november, 2012.
a few weeks ago, mel. and i went to a park nearby,
gathered wild mulberries & strolled under the trees.
we felt just like kids again, remembering summers past
made of adventures, berries, starry nights and fireflies.


good mail day


lovely letters i got from nina & sara
snail mail always puts a smile on my face

nina made the pretty needle felted mrs fox
based on the embroidery i was working on here
what a wonderful birthday present it was ♥

hope you have a wonderful monday


just a minute in november

november was a busy, busy month.
but also one filled with tilia trees and rain,
streets painted lavender with jacaranda flowers
and lots and lots of chirping birds

reading to the lightouse, virginia woolf
watching dear lemon lima ♥
working a lot. too many books, so little time.
making lists of spots and sights for our upcoming mini trip to the mountains. a few more weeks and m. & i will be surrounded by nature and ancient trees.

hope you have a wonderful end of the week

a day of flowers

november, 2012.
sunday afternoon,
flowers, zenit & expired film
the little joys of life ♥

hi, hello
long time no see :)


just a minute in october

this past month m. and i have been up to our eyebrows in work.
yesterday we decided to take a small sunday break
and attend a little festival that took place just a few blocks away from home.

we had ice cream before dinner, met up with friends
and watched les triplettes de belleville under the rain.
i came back home to keep working with a smile on my face

reading yama no oto, yasunari kawabata. still
watching les triplettes de belleville
working all day, all of the days
wishing for a much needed holiday; and to have time to take pictures again.

i'll be back soon, hopefully
hope you have a wonderful week


sunday (III)

{ re-uploaded. originally posted on october 03, 2012 }

september, 2012.
warm sunday afternoons;
outdoors time, family & cats


just a minute in september

the second half of the year always seems to pass so much faster,
october is just around the corner, three more months and that will be it.

reading yama no oto, yasunari kawabata
watching moonrise kingdom
working a lot
writing letters
baking bread & scones
wishing i could live near the mountains and trees

hope you have a wonderful weekend


entre días (V)

august, 2012.
homemade bread & french toasts
rainy days and little handmade presents


una luz existe en primavera

"the grass knows, the hills know, we all know
spring has come, the good fountain flows." 
vashti bunyan

september 2012.
hello spring, 
we've been waiting for you.


chocolate afternoons

august, 2012.
for some unkown reason
i find myself taking more & more vertical pictures.


chocolate & nutella mug cake, for two
original recipe here


4 tbsp self rising flour
3 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp nutella
3 tbsp milk
1 tbsp sugar (i used vanilla sugar)
♥ 1tbsp oil (the original recipe calls for olive oil, but mine is sacred so i used canola instead)
1 egg

combine all the ingredients together in an big, big cup.
whisk together with a fork until combined and smooth.

if you have a microwave, microwave it for about a minute.
if you don't, like me, then bake for 15- 20 minutes in a regular oven.
let cool, sprinkle with some powder sugar & enjoy with someone you love.