just a minute in february

i'm happy: these past two days feel like autumn is just right around the corner.
soon it will be time for knitting and soup making.

looking for new books to read, recommendations are always welcomed.
watching hoshi o ou kodomo
making new videos for siesta
cooking for and with family and friends
waiting for autumn to start


a weekend in the country

la pampa. day one.

we went away to the countryside for a few days.
we saw foxes and hares, collected leaves and counted stars.


hola, siesta


a few weeks ago, i. and i we went away to visit a farmers market on a train station
we bought yummy treats, shopped around, visited a natural reserve & made a little video.

and under the warm summer sun a new project was born. and we are oh, so happy 

you can visit us here :
+ proyecto siesta 
+ vimeo/siesta
+ facebook.com/proyectosiesta