just a minute in march

autumn has been officially here for over a week
but it was only a couple of days ago,
coming home one afternoon, that i suddenly noticed it

the days are shorter, the leaves are changing colour and i'm happy
march was a slow, quiet month. a month of embroidering and tea,
of naps with pixel and dinners with friends, of lazy mornings and walks in the rain

reading the wonderful wizard of oz by l. frank baum
watching twin peaks
listening to beirut & sin fang almost every day
working on little projects
taking photos again. i took almost no pictures on february and march
going away for a few days :)

hope you have a lovely weekend


flowers & birds

i don't usually post nor talk about my drawings here,
but i'm so happy with this little one that i decided to share it

it's the first final sketch of a project that started many years ago
and it's now finally starting to take shape

hope you have a lovely weekend
and that spring is not far away for all my northern hemisphere friends

much love,


summer days (III)

february, 2013.
on a summer day i. & i went to the japanese garden
and took pictures of flowers, dresses and trees

/ expired centuria /

ps. google reader soon will be no more,
if you want to, you can follow my blog with bloglovin

have a lovely day ♥


flores del mantel

january, 2013.
january's saturday mornings were spent in a midst of fabrics and threads
nini and i attended a workshop together* and sew our own plushies
i did a little bunny girl, nini a lovely kitty. she named hers rudi, i named mine cordelia,
and even if we live in two different parts of the world, in that moment we felt so close.

cordelia has a needle felted pompon tail,
she likes to wear pretty dresses with slips
and loves her little teddy bear very, very much.

* thank you, internet ♥