two + just a minute

(pixel's first days at home. so, so tiny)

pixel is two years old today ♥

it's been one year and 10 months since he first came in
and we still go "awwww" with every little thing he does.
we're making him a little tuna cake; a new card-box as well
we'll play hide and seek and catch paper balls, too.

reading décimas, violeta parra
watching breaking bad
listening to beach house & beirut
making bread starter ♥
working quite a lot

hope you have a lovely day


a weekend in the country (VI)

la pampa . day three
april, 2013

on the last day we slept in,
watched the rain fell by the fireside
and later went for a hike with cat. & c.

we picked flowers and thyme,
discover a strange and solitary plant
and waved the fields goodbye


a weekend in the country (V)

la pampa . day two
april, 2013

we woke up to find camembert, the mouse, gone
after some mourning, cat. & i went exploring

we, unsuccessfully, tried to snap some photos of the pigs,
fed the baby chicks and then payed a visit to the horses

after lunch we went to a nearby pond
we spotted a few fishes, saw lots of fungi,
picked wild flowers and then embroidered some more.

hope you have a lovely day



a weekend in the country (IV)

la pampa . day one
april, 2013

we arrived in the middle of a wind storm
and were greeted by friendly dogs

we later picked wood and quince.

i embroidered by the window,
while the rain fell outside
and laughed by the fireside.

at night we befriend a little mouse.
cat. made him a little bed in a drawer,
hoping he would stay the night inside