desktop calendar: july 2015

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good bye june, hello july.
a new desktop wallpaper, from me to you. 
hope you enjoy it ♥ 

with love, 


wrapped up in blankets and books

“she wanted—what some people want throughout life—a grief that should deeply touch her, 
and thus humanize and make her capable of sympathy.” 
 ― nathaniel hawthorne

i've spent the better half of the past week sick in bed
covered in layers of cotton and wool,
sneezing and drinking lots of tea.
also reading. a lot.

i really wish for the flu to go away,
but i cannot deny that, while sickly and annoyed,
this little time off work has been quite great.

new film photos as soon as i'm week enough to go to the lab!

have a wonderful day,


films on a friday: fire burn and caldron bubble

"by the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes"

the last few months i had time for almost nothing
so, after several days of working from 10 to 10
i decided that i deserved to take at least an hour and half at the end of the day
(or sometimes two hours and then some more)
and watch a movie.

i kind of missed the film friday section
so here's a little summary of the films i watched last week.

the blood on satan's claw, 1971

ivan's childhood, 1962

the phantom carriage, 1921

the tragedy of macbeth, 1971
(dear roman, i love you.
dear william, i love you too.
and you too, lady macbeth)

nostalghia, 1983
(yes, andrei, i love you too.

there's something so hauntingly beautiful about his films
that i really believe he does not make movies,
he makes poetry in motion)

also watched: cronos and harry potter and the sorcerer's stone

have a wonderful weekend!


desktop calendar: june 2015

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life has me being quite busy lately
and completely forgot to share may's wallpaper :(

and in more exciting news,
i have two rolls waiting to be developed
hope to take them to the lab sometime soon!

so good bye hectic may, hello june.
a new desktop wallpaper, from me to you. 
hope you enjoy it ♥ 

with love,