just a minute in june

coconut rice with spinach, mushrooms & seeds

the days are colder now
and i'm wearing hats and gloves and scarves,
warming up next to little pixel and drinking lots of tea

reading brideshead revisited, evelyn waugh
watching shame
singing along to soft, beautiful songs
making plans for days to come
working quite a lot
baking chocolate chip cookies almost every day

hope you have a lovely friday



a few weeks ago i went to a needle felting workshop
i did a little wizardly polar bear with a starry pointy hat
and then a little mouse for pixel to play with


tea party

may 2012.
birthday tea party with lovely friends


seven winters ago today

ps. work's been getting the best of me,
i'll be back soon ♥

hope you have a lovely day


asleep on a sunbeam

sometimes i wish i lived in a small house with a big garden
and not a tiny window

the sweet scent of sun dried clothes,
the soft touch of grass beneath my feet
life's little pleasures.



korma chicken with bulgur pilaf

may, 2012.
a cold, rainy long weekend
perfect for movies & homemade food