just a minute in february

while the first half of summer was simply unbearably hot
the second half has been, so far, wonderful.
one could say it almost felt like springtime
or even better, like the beautiful early autumn days

i spent most of these lovely, cooler days working
but i did get the change to see something magnificent
and to meet the adorable vix for coffee.
i can't wait till i'm free enough to have the time to go to the lab and share some pictures!
reading anne of green gables, lucy maud montgomery
listening to múm
working still a lot
making plans and projects
needing a little break

have a wonderful weekend!

ps. just for this time, there won't be a film friday today,
i have way too much work and vix just recently got back from her little trip.
we'll be back to our regular schedule next friday : )


desktop wallpaper: march

{ click here to download the desktop calendar }

good bye february, hello march.
a new desktop wallpaper, from me to you.
hope you enjoy it ♥

with love,


l'expédition végétale

february, 2014.
a few weeks ago, on a cloudy, rainy day
m. and i went to see the aeroflorale ii

the aeroflorale is inspired by da vinci's drawings,
but to me it felt as we had just walked right into ghibli's rapyuta
screened at the great exhibition
while a yann tiersen song was playing

i would have stayed there forever and ever

so fascinating and magical!

for more info, you can check la machine's website


film friday: the book thief

"you'll always be able to find me in your words. that's where i'll live on."
the book thief, 2013.
i've always loved books, ever since i was a little girl.
but after seeing this film, i love them even more

it's very beautiful and oh, so heartbreaking
i think i cried the whole time through
but i also loved it, very, very much.

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


summer days (IV)

january, 2014.
on a sunny saturday morning,
when the temperatures reached 44ºc,
we packed our bags and escaped to a pool.

we ate poached eggs in white wine & avocados,
grapes and cheese, pork rillettes and honeydew melon;
we played in the water and cooled down beneath the trees.

even in the hotter of days,
there is something so refreshing
about walking barefoot on the grass.

(i'm a bit swamped with work and therefore a bit gone, i'll be fully back in about a week or two!)


film friday: rentaneko

"that lonely hole in your heart, this kitten will surely fill it up."
rentaneko, 2012
i saw rent a neko a while back
but when vix saw a post about it
and suggested it for the film friday list
i jumped at the chance of seeing it again

i'd love to have a garden like sayoko's
and her outfits are just so colourful and pretty, too
those hand painted clogs! oh, how i love them.

it warms my heart, it truly is such a sweet movie
and there are so many adorable cats!
how could anyone not smile and go awww when watching it?
i dare you to watch the movie without being distracted
with all the kitties jumping and playing in the background ;)

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend