summer days (IV)

january, 2014.
on a sunny saturday morning,
when the temperatures reached 44ºc,
we packed our bags and escaped to a pool.

we ate poached eggs in white wine & avocados,
grapes and cheese, pork rillettes and honeydew melon;
we played in the water and cooled down beneath the trees.

even in the hotter of days,
there is something so refreshing
about walking barefoot on the grass.

(i'm a bit swamped with work and therefore a bit gone, i'll be fully back in about a week or two!)


  1. such a lovely day. i love the lighting in the last photo

  2. It's one in the morning and I am wishing your plate of poached eggs into real life :D January looks like it was a lot of fun!

  3. Marvelous light and mood in these, dear Toi! ♥ I miss summer so much!

  4. So lovely! I'm not a great fan of summer, but seeing this in a gloomy winter day makes me miss it so much!

  5. I loved these photos and thinking to try poached egg.
    {sometimes I long for other seasons because its perpetual summer here} ♥

  6. sounds like the nicest day. walking barefoot in the grass = ♥

  7. I love the summer sun :) And those kinds of mornings are the best. My favorite photo is the one with the bowl of fruit by the pool :D

  8. It looks like perfect times to me Toi <3
    beautiful pictures!

  9. I'm almost warmed by the sunlight looking at your photos!
    And well, few things in life can top an avocado toast...