just a minute in february

lovely letters i got from sara & vix
with flowers, birds, tea and kittens

i only shot three rolls of film this summer, which are still at the lab
it was a weird summer. but february is almost over and with it most of my work.
the weather is changing, the wind blows & the days grow shorter
i'm happy, autumn has always been my favourite season.

reading walden by henry david thoreau
watching community . the new season broke my heart, but it's still community.. sort of
listening flowers by sin fang
making plans for days to come
writing letters to wonderful girls
starting this year's embroidery project

hope you have a lovely day

( ps. if you want to exchange letters just drop me a line. snail mail is love )


the last day

villa la angostura, neuquén . day five

on the last day we slept in,
sipped coffee and read books.
we went to town to buy chocolates,
i picked wild flowers by the side of the road
and made a little bouquet to brighten our table.

later we went to the pool,
wandered around the cottage
and waved the mountains goodbye



osorno, chile . day four

on the day of m.'s birthday
we woke up to find snow on the top of the hills

we took a bus & crossed the border
and spend the day in osorno, chile

i loved the change in scenery from argentina to chile
the valdivian temperate rainforest is something that amazes me to no end
but the best thing was to find the road covered with white, perfect snow.

(i forgot to pack my films, so i could only snap a few pictures. silly, silly me)


forest and lakes (III)

villa la angostura . day three

we put on our walking shoes
and went out to quetrihué
where we saw everything from way up high

later we explore a nearby shore
with mossy rocks and skinny trees

we ate dinner by the fire
listening to fleet foxes
the rain fell, the logs crackled
and everything was alright


i've been neglecting this blog a lot lately. flickr too. and grocery shopping.
yesterday was the first time i cooked a proper meal in a long, long time.
january left me totally burned out and i feel like i'm a bit, well, off.
it's likely that the summer heat didn't help.

these past few days have been colder and suddenly i want to cook and snap pictures
and read and embroidery and all the things i like to do. i think i'm definitely a winter girl.

oh, and thank you for all the lovely comments
i've read them all and appreciate every single one :)

have a wonderful weekend