forest and lakes (III)

villa la angostura . day three

we put on our walking shoes
and went out to quetrihué
where we saw everything from way up high

later we explore a nearby shore
with mossy rocks and skinny trees

we ate dinner by the fire
listening to fleet foxes
the rain fell, the logs crackled
and everything was alright


i've been neglecting this blog a lot lately. flickr too. and grocery shopping.
yesterday was the first time i cooked a proper meal in a long, long time.
january left me totally burned out and i feel like i'm a bit, well, off.
it's likely that the summer heat didn't help.

these past few days have been colder and suddenly i want to cook and snap pictures
and read and embroidery and all the things i like to do. i think i'm definitely a winter girl.

oh, and thank you for all the lovely comments
i've read them all and appreciate every single one :)

have a wonderful weekend


  1. esas construcciones que se ven en esa playa...¿era Bahía Manzano? ¿o se me rompió la brújula? ;)

    Yo también soy, definitivamente, a winter girl, pero acá nunca llegó el fresco que tuvieron en Bs As :( seguimos soportando LA calor. Y pocas ganas de hacer cosas, ja ja ja.
    beso y feliz finde!

    1. jajaja, se rompió la brújula. es bahía mansa ;)

      buuuu a la calor! venite, te hago lugar en el sillón!
      igual ahora que se fue la tormenta y volvió a salir el sol tal vez vuelva EL HORROR

    2. xD
      bueh, entre bahia manzano y bahia mansa habia pocas letras de diferencia :P *la justificación de la piba, che*

      igual, hermosas fotos de hermoso paisaje. *suspiro*

  2. simply beautiful, a day spent exploring, photographing and eating by firelight is my idea of the perfect day

  3. ♥♥♥ Toi! this is absolutely wonderful! I love these photographs so so much: the green, the atmosphere - everything! thank you so much for sharing them!

  4. glad to see you again. beautiful post - makes me want to go hiking.

  5. Aww, that fireplace, fire and eating by it... splendid!

    I hope you'll get yourself back soon. Cooler weather will certainly help you breathe.

    Sending you much much love my friend.


  6. I know what you mean, I am not a summer girl either! I am pleased that autumn is on it's way. I only just found your blog a couple of days ago. You take beautiful pictures.

  7. these beautiful photos really convey a relaxing mood! i love the neutral tones :)
    and i'm glad you feel like you are now 'on' again!