week end

september, 2011
my favorite kind of weekend:
good food, old friends,
afternoon picnics
and early morning baking.


bicycle picnic

another lovely video via kinfolk

feliz equinoccio de primavera ♥



two sundays ago i travelled to bahía blanca for the launch party of zanahorias y urracas newest collection at i love blondies.
early in the morning we decorated our little corner and played with barry white (their cute little rabbit). at tea time we draw the window display, sewed garlands and gave away cute little birds.

dos fines de semana atrás presentamos la nueva colección de zanahorias y urracas en i love blondies.
por la mañana decoramos nuestro lugarcito, jugamos con barry white (el conejo), comimos rico y dejamos todo organizado. a la hora del té dibujamos la vidriera, cosimos banderines y regalamos pajaritos.



"no matter how bad things get, it is impossible not to love someone who's made you toast. once you've bitten through that crusty surface to the soft dough underneath and tasted the warm salty butter you're lost forever."

saw toast yesterday. bittersweet story, beautiful countryside, glorious sixties packaging and lots of baking and cooking. 
it made me happy. it also made me crave for warm buttery toasts ♥



"on a white lake,
near a green mountain"

bariloche, río negro. day four.
august, 2011

we sailed away, fed seaguls
and walked on ancient forests.


"in the quivering forest,
where the shivering dog rests"

bariloche, río negro. day three.
august, 2011

we ate by a fireplace and explored the wilderness.
all that green, so much love.



"sneaking and curling into the valley
broken bones in a smile
his rusting hands in a mine"

bariloche, río negro. day two.
august, 2011

we woke up early in the morning
and went out to get lost in the snow covered woods.
saw a waterfall, ate at a mountain hut and visited tronador.