first days of autumn

"autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” 
― albert camus

march, 2015.

as you may probably noticed, i've cheated and these are digital.
actually, they're ipod-vscocam-digital, so sorry about that :3
i'm still in the middle of a work storm
but autumn arrived and i just had to get out and capture it
if only in digital form on a super quick stroll around my neighbourhood.
because it is, after all, my favourite of all seasons.

there's something about autumn light i love so much
and all those different shades of green-yellow-gold
and the sound the leaves make when you walk
and, even when days get slowly colder, the general warmness of it all.
it's like the world becomes tinted with cinnamon and honey
and it even smells like it.

hope you're all having a wonderful day
and a happy start of the spring to all my darling northern hemisphere girls
i know you've all been eagerly waiting for the flowers to be in bloom once again


film friday: wilde

"in this life there are only two tragedies. one is not getting what one wants. the other is getting it."

wilde, 1997.

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have a wonderful weekend!


who knows where the time goes

"and i am not alone while my love is near me 
i know it will be so until it's time to go 
so come the storms of winter and then the birds in spring again 
i have no fear of time”

march, 1999.

around this time of the year, some 16 years ago,
when i was not even fifteen and film was still the norm,
and when plastic cameras were not in vogue,
i went away for a few days with a dear school friend
to a little, almost forgotten village
with this cheap and beautifully red rangefinder
and snap some photographs.

a lot of time has passed since
and while i've definitely changed a lot
i've also stayed pretty much the same,
always taking pictures of trees, landscapes and nature.

(boy, i do feel a little old now)


film friday: bread of happiness

"simple bread is good, too."
shiawase no pan, 2012.

i thought i'll apologise for going a bit overboard with the screenshots
but they're just so pretty that i'm not really all that sorry.

some movies you just want to live in.
the secret garden has always been one of those for me.
same for all of naoko ogigami's movies.
i'll definitely be adding this one to that list, too ♥

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