botanical (II)

june 2012. botanical garden
getting lost in sunshine and green


garden beets

june 2012.
several weeks ago my sister and grandmother came to visit
together we made beetroot gnocchi and played with little pixel

the very next day we went ice skating with friends
and later came back home and made even more gnocchi


i've been working non-stop for the last couple of weeks and, in top of that, pixel's been sick.
july tends to be one of my busiest months.

i hope to be properly back in about a week,
visiting your blogs to see what you're up to and replying to all the lovely comments.
meanwhile, i'll leave you with a few scheduled posts, hope that's ok : )

have a wonderful weekend, full of happiness and laughter


riverside (II)


june 2012.
a winter's day spent at the riverside
climbing trees and counting boats