just a minute in april

let us dream of evanescence, 
and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things
― kakuzō okakura

reading little women, louisa may alcott
watching rent-a-neko.
listening one of my favourite songs, ever
cooking sweet treats & homemade pasta.
working on little presents.

hope you have a lovely day


away & back

dear friends,

i've been selfishly away:
working on personal projects,
embroidering my heart out every day,
attending workshops and cooking classes.
free time doesn't come often, so i had to make the most of it
and suddenly free time was not free at all.

i hadn't had the chance to work on little handmade presents
and because of that i haven't mailed the letters yet
and so they sit in my desk half finished, longing to be sent
which they'll be, hopefully next week!

hope april was kind with you

much love,

ps. pixel says hello ♥
ps2. i opened a little shop