forest and lakes (II)

villa la angostura, neuquén . day two

we went for a walk to a small lagoon
and then took the ferry and went back here

arrayanes is one of my favourite spots from this region
i visit everytime i go and i can never get tired of,
there's something magical about those trees.

i was so happy to see it fully recovered from last year's volcano eruption

everything was golden and green and ever so beautiful


just a minute in january

january was not a good month, but in a strange way it sort of was?
i lost my cellphone, but i got it back.
my computer crashed a few days before one of the most critical weeks of the year.
but after dangerously retrieving the files from a very broken disk and 16 hours workday
i managed to get right back on schedule and even cuddle with pixel every now and then.

can't wait for february to start and leave january behind
working a lot, a lot
not liking this new itunes, at all
drinking lots of coffee
missing fringe. even thou it ended just the way it should, makes me sad to know that there will never ever be a new episode, *snif*

hope you have a lovely week


forests and lakes

"sometimes i wish i could find my rosemary hill 
i'd sit there and look at the deserted lakes and i'd sing"

villa la angostura, neuquén . day one

we went for a walk and made new friends
saw one of the shortest rivers in the world
picked flowers & played with rocks and twigs

in the afternoon we went uphill to visit a waterfall,
got lost in the woods and never found it
and saw pretty fungi, tall trees & birds instead


good mail day (II)

more lovely mail, from sara &; nina
plus my letter to sara (with the little bird stamp)

nini's note read :
this could be used for a necklace too...
or  a wrap around bracelet. which ever you prefer.
or have it for playing with pixel :)

i hadn't even finished reading the little note
that he was already playing with it
we chose the latter, of course.

hope you had a great first week of the year :)


early bird

as i let things settle after the craziness that it is the holidays 
and as i finish sorting the 250+ photos from our trip to the mountains
a little video that i. & i did a few weeks ago :
a small glimpse of something we'd been working on for almost a year now
and which hopefully will be ready soon

hope you had a great start of the year

with love,