just a minute in january

january was not a good month, but in a strange way it sort of was?
i lost my cellphone, but i got it back.
my computer crashed a few days before one of the most critical weeks of the year.
but after dangerously retrieving the files from a very broken disk and 16 hours workday
i managed to get right back on schedule and even cuddle with pixel every now and then.

can't wait for february to start and leave january behind
working a lot, a lot
not liking this new itunes, at all
drinking lots of coffee
missing fringe. even thou it ended just the way it should, makes me sad to know that there will never ever be a new episode, *snif*

hope you have a lovely week


  1. i'm new to your blog and it's beautiful :-) love the name Pixel :-)

  2. February is just around the corner and soon ( hope) will be receiving a new letter from me *

  3. I don't like the new iTunes either...glad you didn't lose all the information off your computer

  4. I also cannot wait for February to finally start - January has always been on of the hardest month of the year, maybe just because of the weather and the darkness, but still... I wish you the best of Februaries, dear Toi! ♥

  5. Este enero no podía ser más raro, es cierto. Hope this next month is less strange.. or maybe not? Strange sometimes is good. February is just arount the corner...

  6. January sure was tough on you but you gained so much from it that you just have to cherish all the new self-findings :)

    Pixel likes ModCloth huh? :D Or is it just about any box? ;)

    I have Billy shelves as well but they are not, I repeat, NOT, so nice and empty and tidy on top :D