just a minute in may

and just like that, almost half a year has gone by
may was a pretty busy month, filled with small moments worth treasuring
and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters

reading mashi and other stories, rabindranath tagore
watching silly little videos
listening to this lovely song
writing letters
wearing braids. i'm glad i'm letting my hair grow longer. for now that is..
taking short naps with pixel

hope you have a lovely day


little tiny hands

on a sunny saturday afternoon
four pairs of little hands helped us made cookies & muffins
and together we discovered a fun new game: the typewriter



may 2012.
an autumn day spent at the riverside

thank you all so much for your lovely birthday wishes
i had a wonderful day


a day in may

today i'll cuddle with pixel, put on a pretty dress & drink some tea
have lunch with my grandma, attend a cooking workshop with i. 
and later go out for ice cream with m. 

i will also be a year older, not so sure if i'll be wiser.


a vanilla scented weekend

golden fingernails & vanilla bean bundt cakes
we're making vanilla sugar & extract with the used beans, too.


mornings past

i'm sick and have been drinking lots of tea while going through old pictures

october 2011 . a breakfast a few days before pixel came to our home
i knitted him a pretty little toy with catnip & a small jingle bell inside
he never played with it, he likes crumbled paper and cardboard boxes all the much better



a day spent with vero, filled with mooncakes & macarons,
flowers & sunshine, savory waffles and a furoshiki workshop


autumn flowers

under the warm autumn sun, 
i. and i embroidered colorful flowers
and for a moment, we dreamt ourselves spring