just a minute in may

and just like that, almost half a year has gone by
may was a pretty busy month, filled with small moments worth treasuring
and at the end of the day, that's all that really matters

reading mashi and other stories, rabindranath tagore
watching silly little videos
listening to this lovely song
writing letters
wearing braids. i'm glad i'm letting my hair grow longer. for now that is..
taking short naps with pixel

hope you have a lovely day


  1. beautiful beautiful photos! let's follow each other! x

  2. such dreamy, wonderful photos. i'm really enjoying your blog lately.

  3. it´s so hot here in Porto,Toi!

    It´s been a long time since i have not listened to Fairport Convention,thank you for reminding me of this beautiful song*

    .writing letters
    .playing with my cats
    .wearing different dresses everyday from my recent visits to thrift stores
    .thinking if it´s time to cut my hair


    1. i love fairport convention! sandy denny had such a beautiful, enchanting voice

      oh, lucky you! different dresses everyday :)
      unlike you, i've been wearing the same dress almost everyday.
      i can't resist, it's just so pretty hihi

  4. braids are the main reason i don't want to cut my hair...
    even though i've really been thinking about doing that lately.

    1. i've always wore my hair short and i've always longed for braids

      as much as i love short hair, this time i won't be cutting it anytime soon hehe

  5. I love that first picture of bougainvillea, they're blossoming a lot here. :)

  6. I'm always writing letters, emails are so dull and cold

  7. Have my hair in a coming-unpinned braid presently. Love these photos. Happy to have found your blog, especially the sense of time in that last one. :)