just a minute in october

this past month m. and i have been up to our eyebrows in work.
yesterday we decided to take a small sunday break
and attend a little festival that took place just a few blocks away from home.

we had ice cream before dinner, met up with friends
and watched les triplettes de belleville under the rain.
i came back home to keep working with a smile on my face

reading yama no oto, yasunari kawabata. still
watching les triplettes de belleville
working all day, all of the days
wishing for a much needed holiday; and to have time to take pictures again.

i'll be back soon, hopefully
hope you have a wonderful week


sunday (III)

{ re-uploaded. originally posted on october 03, 2012 }

september, 2012.
warm sunday afternoons;
outdoors time, family & cats