good mail day (III)

lovely mail from anna
the post office took its time
but it was oh, so worth it


just a minute in october

two years ago today,
a little fur ball called pixel
came home to live with us
and we couldn't be happier


a few tilia trees are starting to bloom
soon, the air will be filled with its sweet scent

reading eugénie grandet, honoré de balzac
watching badlands
working quite a lot
writting letters
cooking sweet treats & curry soups

hope you have a wonderful week


film friday: badlands

"i grew to love the forest. the cooing of the doves and the hum of dragonflies in the air made it always seem lonesome and like everybody's dead and gone. when the leaves rustled overhead, it was like the spirits were whispering about all the little things that bothered 'em."

badlands, 1973.

i love this movie. it's cruel and harsh and yet so beautiful.
breaks my heart and amuses me to no end, all at the same time.

sadly, vix did not enjoy it that much.
you can check her post here

hope you have a lovely weekend



sunday (V)

september, 2013
sunny sunday afternoons
playing in the garden & picking flowers 


film friday: populaire

"on est moins maladroit quand on pense a rien. ça fait du bien. mais ça dure qu'un temps. c'est pas quelque chose qu'on peut partager avec personne."
populaire, 2012.

vix and i have lots of things in common
we share the same name, our love for pretty cafés,
kittens and snail mail, rainy days, wool and winter.
we also share our love for movies and films
and so we decided to start a little film club:
one movie, every week, for as long as we possibly can.

this week we saw populaire.
it was charming, colourful and nostalgic.
made me long for days long past,
of petticoats and handkerchiefs,
technicolor movies & rotary dial phones.

you can check vix's post here


buenos aires para chicas

music: "plenty more" by la familia de ukeleles

may, 2013.
a few months ago, i. & i made a little video
for a lovely girl called amanda
and her blog : buenos aires para chicas