film friday: badlands

"i grew to love the forest. the cooing of the doves and the hum of dragonflies in the air made it always seem lonesome and like everybody's dead and gone. when the leaves rustled overhead, it was like the spirits were whispering about all the little things that bothered 'em."

badlands, 1973.

i love this movie. it's cruel and harsh and yet so beautiful.
breaks my heart and amuses me to no end, all at the same time.

sadly, vix did not enjoy it that much.
you can check her post here

hope you have a lovely weekend



  1. en el resumen de capturas que hiciste me gsuta, jajajajjaja
    cuando la oigo, ya nop. ;)

    1. jajaja pasa seguido :)
      recordala así y la vas a querer más ♥

  2. cruel and harsh but leaves a mark one cannot ignore after seeing it*