good mail day (III)

lovely mail from anna
the post office took its time
but it was oh, so worth it


  1. It looks like a good mail day indeed! :-)

  2. Anna sends such wonderful letters, it's always a treat to open them up. :) looks like your kitty enjoyed the letter too.

  3. Anna's letters are something really beautiful <3

  4. good mail makes a good day ♥

  5. When I prepared this letter I was thinking about your white table (window sill). I have asked myself how iyou will see it and how it will look there, next to the window in Argentina :)
    It was a long way for this letter. but it was worth it. It's very nice to see that you held it in your hands and good to see Pixel . He explored the smell of paper, of my house and the whole way from me to you. So, I can say: we know each other;)
    Beautiful pictures, dear Toi.