film friday: frances ha

"sometimes it's good to do what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it."

frances ha, 2012.
i found frances ha to be a lovely movie
the story is simple, yet poignant;
there are many pretty new york apartments,
a tiny glimpse of paris & and a lot of love for dancing.

and while i always preferred ballet over contemporary
i too, like frances, run down the streets while doing pirouettes and grand jetés

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hope you have a lovely weekend

just a minute in november

december is almost here, and with it the last days of the year
and while everyone runs hectically around,
i stand beneath the tilia trees, finally in bloom,
and take deep breaths of the sweet scented summer air.

reading final del juego, julio cortázar
watching frances ha
working quite a lot, still
picking tilia flowers and fallen leaves
loving all the rainy days we've been having


entre días (VI)

november, 2013.
rainy days & miso soups


film friday: belle de jour

"pierre, je t'en supplie, ne lâche pas les chats."
belle de jour, 1967.

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hope you have a lovely weekend


autumn in spring

november, 2013.

when the spring feels more like autumn,
and the days are cold and cloudy
i turn on the oven and bake


langue de chat
original recipe from "cuaderno dulce"
by pascale alemany*


125 g flour
130 g sugar
100 g butter, softened
3 egg whites
1/4 tsp vanilla extract

i also added:
a bit of lemon zest

preheat the oven at 210ºc. blend together the sugar and butter.
lightly whisk the egg whites and pour them slowly into the sugar.
add the remaining ingredients and mix til smooth.

using a spoon, spread the batter on a silicone mat
in small & long portions of roughly 5  or 7 cm
and bake for 6 to 8 minutes, til the sides are golden brown.

best served on a rainy day with a cup a tea and a good book.

* a few months ago, i had the chance to attend to one of pascale's cooking classes
she's a wonderful person and an amazing cook. if you live in buenos aires, i recommend them wholeheartedly.
classes are announced here


film friday: the way way back

the way way back, 2013

i must admit, i love sam rockwell. especially if he dances.
and while the way way back probably won't change your life,
it's still a feel good movie that will make you smile.

and though i'm not very fond of the summer heat
i'll very much like to spend a few weeks away,
get a bike and ride to a pretty spot near the lake,
read a book under a tree and watch the waves

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hope you have a lovely weekend