film friday christmas edition: love actually

"oh! fuck wank bugger shitting arse head and hole!"
love actually, 2003.
i confess myself not much of a christmas spirit lover,
however, there are a few movies that you just have to watch at christmas
as a child of the nineties, die hard and home alone (*) are most definitely on that list.
as tim burton's fan, the nightmare before christmas is too.
and for many years my list remain the same

but then came 2003, bill nighy sang, hugh grant danced
and the list expanded.

hope you all had a wonderful time,
full of laughs, family and friends.

ps. we'll be taking a little break in january, will be back with more films watched together in february
ps2. i'm telling you, that's totally rick
(*) dubbed and with tons of commercial breaks, please

you can check vix's post here

may you have a wonderful new year!


a present from me to you (III)

{ click here to download the wall calendar } 

{ click here to download the desktop calendar }

dear friends,
i have been quite busy and away this past december
but i didn't want the year to end without doing yet another wall calendar
just like last year and the year before,
a little christmas present ready to be printed and hanged.

and just like last year, there are also desktop wallpapers to go with it,
as a thank you for all your lovely comments and support.
i do hope you like them :)

and i also hope that next year is a little bit less hectic than this!

have a wonderful christmas!

with love,


film friday: finding vivian maier

finding vivian maier, 2013.

it really should come as no surprise,
we simply love vivian maier.

you can flick through more of her photographs here
it's quite a small selection when you think about it,
she did shot more than 100.000 negatives after all.

you can check vix's post here

have a wonderful weekend!