april, 2013
sunny saturday brunch


mon amour tokyo

tokyo + kamakura
june, 2008

to me, 2008 was a year of summer
even if i was only in tokyo for six days
those rainy, hot and beautiful summer days
were enough to stay with me until springtime
(i do live in the southern hemisphere, after all)

i regret thinking that three rolls of film would be enough
i also regret being so shy and not taking more (film) pictures
- all those precious little streets, the lovely coffee shops,
the parks and fairs, the modern buildings & temples -
but what i most regret is boarding the plane back home.

it's been over five years now and there's not a day that i don't miss it
if i could live anywhere, i'd live in tokyo. or maybe in kamaura 


aprons & birds

august, 2011.

two years ago today
i posted my very first entry
a post about botanical gardens,
winter days and magic.

i had short hair back then
and pixel hadn't arrived home yet.
i also had a few less cameras,
a few less books read,
and we hadn't yet met.

i like looking back and noticing how much i changed
and yet how much everything still remains the same.

thank you ever so much for helping me make this little blog such a wonderful place to be at
i was hesitant for so long, but i'm glad i finally made up my mind and started it

love always,


of flowers and birthdays

may, 2013
on my birthday, i met up with my mom
and had breakfast at café tortoni
she gave me pink & white flowers
which i arranged around the house
and pressed inside the little book m. gave me

we later went for a stroll at the botanical garden
and after lunch, i took a little sun-nap with pixel