desktop wallpaper: september 2014

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good bye august, hello september.
a new desktop wallpaper, from me to you.
hope you enjoy it ♥

with love,


just a minute in august

i've been busy with work and missed the last two just a minute
i'm busy still, but didn't want one more month to go without

everything around is starting to bloom
birds sing and leaves grow.
spring will soon be upon us,
you can sense it in the air.
reading relatos, lev tolstoy
listening to birds chirping by my window
watching utopia
working quite a lot
embroidering a little every day

have a wonderful day!

ps. today is pixel's third birthday ♥
oh, how quickly does time pass!

film friday: fargo

"the heck do ya mean?"

fargo, 1996.
whenever i think of the coen brothers
the first two things that come to my mind are the big lebowski & fargo

i love all their films, but these two will always be my favourite ones ♥

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend

(ps. the images look so bad, i try to re upload them, but blogger just won't cooperate)


winter rose

“i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
i lift my eyes and all is born again.”

― sylvia plath

july, 2014.
every july, the annual winter pruning takes place at the rose garden.
this year we found out they're were giving cuttings away
and so we went (for a rather quick visit).

i wasn't able to gather much, and the ones i brought home did not take
but it was a lovely experience none the less

it always amazes me how small the rose bushes are pruned
and how big and full they get in only a handful of months.
nature is such a wonderful thing.



“books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.” 
henry david thoreau 

july, 2014. 
a little break from work

ps. if you like taking photos of your books

or you like to look at what other people are reading
vix has a little facebook page just for that

ps2. if you have a goodreads account, we can be friends there too


film friday: albatross


albatross, 2011.
while not exactly good, it wasn't too bad either.
the story just felt a bit weak,
but there was some lovely scenery to look at

(another short post as i'm still busy. i have to rolls of film waiting to be developed, luckily next week!)

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


film friday: blow-up

"nothing like a little disaster for sorting things out."

blow-up, 1966.
(a little short post today,
as i'm a bit busy this week)

every single time i see this movie
i cannot help sigh at each and every single camera
and wish for a darkroom with pretty coloured doors.

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


garden (II)

“come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.”
william wordsworth

july, 2014.
green gardens & romantic poetry
just might be two of my favourite things.


film friday: rushmore

"i saved latin. what did you ever do?"
rushmore, 1998.
dear wes anderson,
i like you so very much.

"well, originally it was all going to be scored to the kinks.
they seemed like kind of a good model.
they're in blazers but they're more like sort of lunatics,
which is also our character" 1

very much indeed ♥

vix won't be making the film friday post on her blog for a while,
but she will still do a short review on her facebook & twitter  

hope you have a lovely weekend