just a minute in december

december is always such a hectic month
sometimes it's nice to stop and just do nothing at all

reading kusamakura by natsume sōseki
watching mushishi
making plans for the new year with dear friends
painting and sewing handmade christmas presents
dreaming of tall trees and mountains
wishing you all a wonderful 2012

happy new year!


sounds of the woods

yet another lovely video, this time by nadinoo.
i love forests & woods with all my heart.
happy holidays / felices fiestas


the oregon coast

dear oregon,
we'll meet one day.


entre días

moments of everyday life,
pixel's growing so fast.

hope you have a wonderful weekend! <3


just a minute in november

picture taken by the beautiful val

it's been a month to date since pixel came to our home.
cute little bundle of fur, he makes our days happier.

reading the book of tea by kakuzō okakura, again. such a beautiful and inspiring book.
watching les émotifs anonymes.
listening the rip tide, endlessly.
pressing flowers and leaves, small tokens of this passing spring.
embroidering little presents for dear friends.

just a minute is a monthly meme started some years ago by jenaveve of august street
"a round-up of inspiring and creative things".

anyone can join in, so feel free to to do so and share your link in the comments


la saison des amitiés sincères (II)

"i think i must have known you
in another life
i think our rocking chairs
used to rock together all night"
a few mondays ago, my darling v came to visit
we cooked together, talked about life
and looked at photos while eating fresh strawberries,
played with baby pixel and later baked vanilla & chocolate chip cookies.


la saison des amitiés sincères

rooftop pizza party with friends.
we made pizzas on the grill and laughed a lot.
we ate homemade cakes and play as little kids under the rain



on a spring day that felt like autumn
i baked a cake made of cinnamon and tea


cinnamon cake
original recipe here


400 gr self rising flour
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of cinnamon
250 gr sugar
1 cup warm water
1 coffee cup canola oil or similar

preheat the oven at 180ºc. whisk together the flour, sugar and cinnamon.
add the wet ingredients one by one (eggs, oil, water) and mix til smooth.
pour the batter onto an oiled cake pan and sprinkled with sugar.
bake for 15 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.
best served on a rainy day with a cup a tea and a good book.



october, 2011

mother's day
one table, three generations


los días

forever is composed of nows.” 

october, 2011


le premier bonheur du jour

     le pique-nique

     le marché

september, 2011
we had french lessons under the trees 
and bought marmalade and jambon-beurre on the street.


week end

september, 2011
my favorite kind of weekend:
good food, old friends,
afternoon picnics
and early morning baking.