just a minute in november

picture taken by the beautiful val

it's been a month to date since pixel came to our home.
cute little bundle of fur, he makes our days happier.

reading the book of tea by kakuzō okakura, again. such a beautiful and inspiring book.
watching les émotifs anonymes.
listening the rip tide, endlessly.
pressing flowers and leaves, small tokens of this passing spring.
embroidering little presents for dear friends.

just a minute is a monthly meme started some years ago by jenaveve of august street
"a round-up of inspiring and creative things".

anyone can join in, so feel free to to do so and share your link in the comments


  1. Nice photo. Book of tea? I didn't read it but it sounds interesting.

  2. Oh, hello! I totally fell in love with your blog. I came here via Kerry's blog and I'll surely return soon :)

  3. hermoso. simplemente hermoso.

  4. qué fotos tan preciosas tomas

  5. Hello yummy!
    I'm cooking my supper right now-- and it certainly doesn't look as tasty as your images.

    lovely blog.
    sending you happy spells
    love amy

  6. such a beautiful photos! ♥

  7. Hi Victoria! I tried looking for an email address to ask you this, but I love your film photography and was wondering if you'd like to take part in my "For the Love of Film" series on my blog?

    It's basically an interview, just a few questions, and then I feature some of my favourite photos from your site, and link back to you of course... if you'd like to take part you can send me an email at dzitella@gmail.com

    Thanks so much, always lovely to visit your blog!

  8. noresay : it's well worth a read, i highly recommend it :)

    vero : <3

    amy : mine don't always looks like this either! ;)

    pierre, irene, martita, sadie & jodi : thank you!