easter with little ruffus,
april 2012


just a minute in april

april always feels like such a short month
too much to do, so little time

reading russian folktales
watching un amour de jeunesse
making flowers
cooking all sorts of bake goods
wearing wool

hope you have a lovely day


entre días (III)

in only a handful of days we went from 30ºc to 5ºc temperatures
skipping entirely the slightly colder lovely days of autumn

on the bright side, i can now turn on the oven without feeling like i'm about to melt
and i couldn't resist making my first apple & pear cake of the year


entre días (II)

i'm a terrible blogger :(
the last couple of weeks have been quite busy and just got around developing the two rolls from march.

over a month ago my grandmother came to visit
we cooked together and later on play with pixel
they had a blast.

ps. i'm seem to be having problems with replies, for some reason they do not show
thank you so, so much for all the lovely comments. they truly make my day