winter rose

“i shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
i lift my eyes and all is born again.”

― sylvia plath

july, 2014.
every july, the annual winter pruning takes place at the rose garden.
this year we found out they're were giving cuttings away
and so we went (for a rather quick visit).

i wasn't able to gather much, and the ones i brought home did not take
but it was a lovely experience none the less

it always amazes me how small the rose bushes are pruned
and how big and full they get in only a handful of months.
nature is such a wonderful thing.


  1. It truly is. And roses always remember me of my grandmother, who had so many rose bushes in her garden.

  2. Nature is the very best. God has made beautiful things!

    1. the very best indeed! :)
      (oh, erin, i'm so very sorry for that nasty anonymous comment!)