just a minute in february

while the first half of summer was simply unbearably hot
the second half has been, so far, wonderful.
one could say it almost felt like springtime
or even better, like the beautiful early autumn days

i spent most of these lovely, cooler days working
but i did get the change to see something magnificent
and to meet the adorable vix for coffee.
i can't wait till i'm free enough to have the time to go to the lab and share some pictures!
reading anne of green gables, lucy maud montgomery
listening to múm
working still a lot
making plans and projects
needing a little break

have a wonderful weekend!

ps. just for this time, there won't be a film friday today,
i have way too much work and vix just recently got back from her little trip.
we'll be back to our regular schedule next friday : )


  1. aw. Am I adorable? aw. thank you <3 you too! :)

  2. Such a wonderful photograph. You are truly inspiring. ♥

  3. omg adore `anne of green gables`.and i love best this version to watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eme9tEOWgCY

  4. Adorable photograph, dear Toi!
    Have a lovely weekend! ♥

  5. Cats gazing trough windows make me feel so warm inside :)
    Have a lovely weekend Toi <3

  6. Lovely photo...
    Coincident! I am too reading anne's of green gables. and totally loving it. ♥

  7. a great photograph, toi.
    I like it very much.