just a minute in march

autumn has been officially here for over a week
but it was only a couple of days ago,
coming home one afternoon, that i suddenly noticed it

the days are shorter, the leaves are changing colour and i'm happy
march was a slow, quiet month. a month of embroidering and tea,
of naps with pixel and dinners with friends, of lazy mornings and walks in the rain

reading the wonderful wizard of oz by l. frank baum
watching twin peaks
listening to beirut & sin fang almost every day
working on little projects
taking photos again. i took almost no pictures on february and march
going away for a few days :)

hope you have a lovely weekend


  1. walks in the rain.... aaah, quien pudiera! ;)

  2. sounds like a cozy month, happy for you ♥
    are you planning a fall getaway? :)

  3. I love Beirut.

    Your pictures are enchanting.

  4. Succulents! Ohhh, succulents. Plants make me ache for warmth. I hope March was kind to you.

  5. love this succulent wall... just when is was thinking about which wall i want to build in my garden - something like this would be perfect!

  6. I'm dreaming of a letter coming all the way from Argentina for me <3

    *beautiful photo

  7. what a beautiful picture you've chosen to represent the start of autumn! I love autumn because its colours, I hope you'll have a great one, with lots of occasions to take photographs!

    much love and Happy Easter, dear Toi! ♥

  8. What a gorgeous photo! Those flower stencils on the wall are a great find. And I adore succulents so much (you'd know if you'd see my window sills) :)

    Happy Easter my dear friend. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family.

  9. Remembering to take your camera out as much as possible is so important! Especially with iPhones being so easy to use!
    ps: Love that photo.

  10. Now I'm wondering, but if Autumn is upon you where did Spring get to? Still freezing temperatures in this part of the world!

  11. yo se dónde sacaste esa foto ;)
    RE lindo mi bordado. estoy feliz. gracias por la magia y el precio preferencial ;)

  12. gorgeous, gorgeous photo. happy autumn to you!

  13. love your blog and pics.so poetic <3