just a minute in december

me making silly faces, as always 

our time in the mountains was short, but ever so lovely
i'll hold on to those memories as we face the last days of december:
hectic, chaotic, full of obligations, family dinners & afternoons with friends

reading heart of darkenss by joseph conrad
dreaming of having a little house in the woods
drinking lots of herbal iced tea, with cardamom & sweetened with pure honey
finishing my little time capsule, which i'll open on january 2014
making plans for the summer
wishing you all a wonderful new year, full of flowers and happiness

i'll be sharing a little present later today
my way to thank you for the lovely year spent together ♥


  1. oh! what a beautiful post, full of lovely thoughts, dear Toi! :-)
    I love the photograph with you and the mountains too! :-)

    1. aw, thank you sweet polly! ♥♥
      i look so goofy, hehehe (:

  2. Beautiful photograph, Toi. Happy new years!

    1. thank you grace! :)
      happy, happy new year!

  3. You are so beautiful, have a fantastic New Year x

    1. aw, why thank you!
      wonderful, happy new year!

  4. love the photograph, your yellow rain jacket is so bright!
    (i'm dreaming of having a little house in the woods,too.. about everyday)

    1. i bought it almost exclusively because it was SO bright, hihihi

      a house in the woods is such a lovely dream. i like to think that one day it'll come true ♥

  5. hi toi,
    wish you a very happy new year!!

    I have been following your blog for quite some time now but never left comment so far.
    I loved this "just a minute" series and thinking to start it on my blog too. It is a perfect way to recollect the small moments.

    Certainly i will mention you and your blog while starting this series.

    hope it is OK


    (** I tried several time to comment but unable to do so. You might receive many comments from me; sorry for that)

  6. hi ♥
    hope you had a wonderful start of the year :)

    i'm so glad you enjoy the "just a minute" series, it certainly is one of my favourite things to do on this blog!

    i first saw it a few years ago on a blog that it now seems to have disappeared called august street. it said "a round-up of inspiring and creative things (...) anyone can join in, so feel free to to do so and share your link in the comments" so feel free to do your own version of it!


  7. what a gorgeous photo... even those "artifacts" in the middle of the photo look perfectly well placed there :)

    I love your outfit too. And taking pictures in and after the rain is always so rewarding.