just a minute in november

november was a busy, busy month.
but also one filled with tilia trees and rain,
streets painted lavender with jacaranda flowers
and lots and lots of chirping birds

reading to the lightouse, virginia woolf
watching dear lemon lima ♥
working a lot. too many books, so little time.
making lists of spots and sights for our upcoming mini trip to the mountains. a few more weeks and m. & i will be surrounded by nature and ancient trees.

hope you have a wonderful end of the week


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    1. i did, a few days ago! i'm waiting for the lab to give me some prints and then i'll head to the post office to send yours :)

  2. the photos are so soothing (as usual)
    i wish i knew what tilia trees look like :)

    1. oh, they are very pretty. they have deep green leaves and tiny little yellow flowers. but the best part is the scent. they smell like summer days and afternoon naps. so, so sweet ♥

      i believe they are also known as linden tree. you can make tea with the flowers, it's very soothing :)

  3. Oh, the first one is so relaxing; and I'm terrible at sewing or embroidering (I managed years of catholic school nuns teaching me to cross stich... but that design is something else) so I'm impressed by that as well <3

    1. aw, thank you!
      i've been going to embroidery classes for three years now and absolutely love it. but i hated it when i was little and my grandmother tried to teach me how to cross stitch hehehe

  4. what a beautiful couple of photographs you've chosen to represent the mood of your november, Toi! :-) I hope you will share some photographs from your trip to the mountains, but most of all, I hope you'll enjoy it truthfully! :-)

    1. aw, thank you dear, i sure will!
      the weather forecast threatens us with rainy days, so i'll pack a raincoat and some rubber boots and make the most of it just the same ♥