film friday: rentaneko

"that lonely hole in your heart, this kitten will surely fill it up."
rentaneko, 2012
i saw rent a neko a while back
but when vix saw a post about it
and suggested it for the film friday list
i jumped at the chance of seeing it again

i'd love to have a garden like sayoko's
and her outfits are just so colourful and pretty, too
those hand painted clogs! oh, how i love them.

it warms my heart, it truly is such a sweet movie
and there are so many adorable cats!
how could anyone not smile and go awww when watching it?
i dare you to watch the movie without being distracted
with all the kitties jumping and playing in the background ;)

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


  1. el gatito que esta sobre la captura del formulario de alquiler. ese. me mata del amor. es very clementinesque. TANTOS GATITOSSSSSSSSSS

    1. es re clementinis! :)
      el chiquito naranja que está en la de las canastitas me hace acordar tanto a pixel de bebé. era igual de bardero jijijiji
      gatulinessssssssss, los adorooooooo

  2. I love this film so much! ♥
    Have a lovely weekend, dear Toi!

  3. i loved it i have watched it like 2 weeks ago.very cool.i suggest you to watch `kamome diner` a lovely movie from the same director;)

    1. i love kamome diner! megane, too :)
      i have yet to see toilet and yoshino's barber shop, have you seen them?

    2. not yet but looking forward ;)

  4. I watched this film four times already,i love it so so much <3

    1. it's adorable! and all those lovely kitties! ♥♥♥

    2. i loved her crazy neighbor best.did you know the neighbor is a man and a very famous dj in Japan?:)

  5. Qué buenas fotos!! Me reí mucho con el concepto del film, es muy tierno y freaky. Me encantó como siempre el friday´s film. Besotes. Los que gusten pueden pasar a ver mi blog: http://quierokoiko.blogspot.com.ar/

  6. I loved this movie, sayoko's garden and so many cats. interesting thing was sayoko's professions that she tells all her clients. ;-)
    {i even loved kamome shokudo and megane}

  7. as i commented in the previous post about that movie, i love rentaneko, i have seen it at the udine's far east film festival ♥