film friday: the book thief

"you'll always be able to find me in your words. that's where i'll live on."
the book thief, 2013.
i've always loved books, ever since i was a little girl.
but after seeing this film, i love them even more

it's very beautiful and oh, so heartbreaking
i think i cried the whole time through
but i also loved it, very, very much.

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


  1. yo tambien shoré mucho, a cada rato, me tapaba la boca para que no me oyeran en el cine. Y lo más loco de todo es que antes de ir al cine a ver esta pelicula donde los nazis los hacen quemar libros y ella debe conseguirlos por otro lado, yo me había pasado una hora entera en una libreria de ofertas revolviendo y comprando a piacere. Y después lloré más por Liesel. Y ahora quiero leer el de H.G.Wells, obvio.

  2. I loved it! We really do have the same taste for films, dear Toi! ♥

  3. i adore the dreamy films you share here.thanks, i`ll watch dear Toi;)

  4. It is beautiful and heartbreaking Toi,i loved as well :*

  5. Gah! Still haven't seen it. But I read the book and it was tragic. I need to see it asap!

  6. I loved these films. I always think about watching them on sunday but I have lot to catch up. ;-)