the slow day

walking under the rain on a cool summer morning,
eating miso soup, soba noodles and gyoza with green tea
reading silvia's lovely letter and playing with pixel
even with deadlines and work, what a perfect second day of a new year

hope you had a wonderful start too!


  1. such a perfect beautiful day

  2. ¡Feliz año nuevo, Toi!
    Sí, suena muy bien este segundo día; me alegra que sea así :)
    Yo, sin embargo, estoy contenta de que haya dejado de llover pero solo porque a unos metros de mi depto hay unas torcacitas que tuvieron sus dos pichones hace 4 días...
    Espero que siga todo ok; fuerza con las entregas (¿mucho trabajo, no?).
    Un ronrón a Pixel y un beso para vos

  3. That sounds like a wonderful start! I've been enjoying soup and rainy days, too. :)

  4. Such a very lovely scene/photo ♥
    We have 10 inches of falling snow here near Chicago.

  5. Fantastic! And I can only imagine how beautiful it should be to start a new year during the summer! ♥ Happy 2014, dear Toi!

  6. It's so nice that perfect, quiet days DO exist :)

  7. Absolutely charming way to be spending a day my dear friend, like you are.
    Wishing you the brightest year yet!

  8. I would love to feel new year's eve with a warm breeze :)
    ( i have your letter ready for days,must take it to the post office!)