just a minute in december

summer started long before the summer solstice
and we've been having the longest and hottest heatwave in years since.
if only autumn would start early on, too. but it probably won't.

reading the mayor of castebridge, thomas hardy
listening to valerie a týden divů beautiful soundtrack
wanting to learn stonian so i can watch this movie
drinking lots of herbal iced tea with cardamom
making plans for the new year
hoping you all have a wonderful start of the year, filled with laughter and flowers

have a wonderful & happy new year!


  1. i keep forgetting that while i'm experiencing winter in the southern hemisphere you have summer...
    i would love to be having a heat wave right now, although i understand your desire for autumn :)

    1. autumn is such a wonderful season. not too cold, not too warm and full of yellow leaves : )

  2. Your December is the absolute opposite of mine. I appreciate the brief transport to somewhere warmer - it's minus 10 degrees outside today.

    1. i wouldn't recommend swapping places thou, right now the temperature is over 35º and it's been like this for over twenty days (there are some places in the country where it even reached 50ºc)

      maybe somewhere in the middle : )

  3. i LOVE making plans for the new year. :)

  4. Happy New Year! :) I love your photos - they are always so gorgeous and inspiring.

  5. Herbal iced tea sounds like heaven :) I wish we were having summer here, though! Happy new year to you, toi! ♥