just a minute in january

homemade yogurt, peaches, almonds & cardamom

january was a month with lots of letters, flowers & green,
books and threads, sundresses and dinners with friends,
homemade ice cream and pools, honeydew melons & naps.

it was also, for the most part, unbearably hot and suffocating.

oh, autumn, do hurry up! pixel and i are eagerly waiting for you
we cannot endure another day with temperatures over 40ºc

reading the wild things, dave eggers
watching in the mood for love
listening to birds and crickets
working on a new book
making little handmade presents for my lovely pen pals
loving these past few cooler, rainy days

have a wonderful day!


  1. I love the atmosphere in these pictures! Beautiful!

  2. its winter here and I'm craving sunshine, so I love the light in these :)

  3. i can sense the feeling from my computer screen

  4. oh, everything so peaceful. ♥
    i like these pictures very much and I hope for more pleasant temperatures for you.
    did you already get my letter?

    1. i did! it arrived a few days ago ♥♥♥

      thank you, nina!

  5. Oh my, your blog is just delightful! It's winter where I am right now, so I am super cold. Give me some of that sunshine and sun dresses lol!

  6. este es el verano de los grillos :) Bueh, al menos, había uno instalado adentro de una caja con manteles y vajilla en ¡el living de nuestro depto!... lo invitamos a que se instalase en el balcón.
    ...y los martes: lluvia, ja
    Nada que ver con nada (bueno, más o menos) ¿viste Bright star de J. Campion? empecé a verla y me hizo acordar un poco a vos.

    1. bright star es una película que tengo pendiente desde que salió. vi partes y me encanta, pero todavía no la vi entera (porque estoy segura que voy a llorarme la vida)

      por acá estaban bastante callados hasta que un día llegaron juntos y de golpe. un verano sin grillos no era verano.

  7. hello toi,
    this series makes for a lovely read and memory-keeping!
    i was inspired to start my own...
    hope february sweeps in lots of gentle breeze for you!

  8. the magic of summer ♥
    {i haven't read anything written by eggers yet. maybe because i heard too many enthusiastic comments about his works. would you recommend him?}

    1. :)

      so far i've only read half of the book and i'm not enjoying it as much as i thought i would. but then again, is difficult to. the story he's telling is so different from where the wild things are, and that being so simple and perfect, it's impossible not to feel a bit sad. m. read it and hated it, actually.

      i'll let you know once i finish it :)

  9. yikes over 40 degrees? autumn is my favourite season - not too hot, not too cold.
    love the light in these photos!

    1. thank you, hanna! autumn is the perfect season, isn't it? :)
      a friend of mine traveled to australia and told us that there was quite a heatwave there too!

  10. Oh, please send some of the warmth over to Europe... I'm craving for sunshine.

    1. only if i could! february is just around the corner, only a bit more till springs arrives ♥♥

  11. I am jealous of the beautiful light you have in these photographs, lovely as always, toi! :) I hope it cools down for you and pixel soon.

  12. I love that basket and the way the light reflects on the flowers...
    Homemade yoghurt sounds so much like summer <3
    i don't need 40ºc but i would surely appreciate sun and not needing a coat and umbrella when i get out of the house!
    Did my letter arrived there?
    *let me know when it does :)