just a minute in november

december is almost here, and with it the last days of the year
and while everyone runs hectically around,
i stand beneath the tilia trees, finally in bloom,
and take deep breaths of the sweet scented summer air.

reading final del juego, julio cortázar
watching frances ha
working quite a lot, still
picking tilia flowers and fallen leaves
loving all the rainy days we've been having


  1. just a minute it takes to fall in love with november. and i'm loving all the rain here too :)

  2. I really adore your "Just a minute" posts, dear Toi! ♥
    Have a lovely weekend and a wonderful start of December!

  3. qué hermosas fotos, desde acá siento el aroma de las hojas regadas de lluvia.
    ¿qué estás leyendo, el cuento o el libro? me encanta Final del juego (y Continuidad de los parques)