flores del mantel

january, 2013.
january's saturday mornings were spent in a midst of fabrics and threads
nini and i attended a workshop together* and sew our own plushies
i did a little bunny girl, nini a lovely kitty. she named hers rudi, i named mine cordelia,
and even if we live in two different parts of the world, in that moment we felt so close.

cordelia has a needle felted pompon tail,
she likes to wear pretty dresses with slips
and loves her little teddy bear very, very much.

* thank you, internet ♥


  1. oh, you! <3
    cordelia is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. oh...

    wonderful workshop, wonderful pictures...

    sometimes the internet is such a beautiful place :)

  3. that is so sweet and it's totally you, dear Toi!
    the name Cordelia is beautiful, by the way!

  4. And now I know who Cordelia is, hihi .... she has a lovely dress and the best little teddy bear ever!

    Thank you my dear, it was special indeed! ♥

  5. lovely photos as always! and cordelia is so cute!
    i still keep close to heart the two adorable bears you sent me :)

  6. i wish i could sew to make such beautiful creatures :)

  7. Esas galletitas son riquísimas! Un beso!