good mail day (II)

more lovely mail, from sara &; nina
plus my letter to sara (with the little bird stamp)

nini's note read :
this could be used for a necklace too...
or  a wrap around bracelet. which ever you prefer.
or have it for playing with pixel :)

i hadn't even finished reading the little note
that he was already playing with it
we chose the latter, of course.

hope you had a great first week of the year :)


  1. awww, look at him, he is adorable playing with that bracelet... you captured him so really well ♥

    next time I shall make something special JUST for him :)

    1. awww, he's gonna love that :)
      he wants everything to be just for him hihihi ♥

  2. Can I ask what you do (in photoshop?) to make your photos look so cute and vintage?! You are amazing xxx

    1. why thank you!

      i actually do nothing at all to the photos (except for the minor color adjustment/curves when is very needed). they look vintage because they're kind of are, being shot with film and all that :)

  3. I fully believe in sending everything I possibly can by snail mail. It is one of the most rewarding systems ever.

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  5. loving these pictures of pixel!
    it's nice to see a cute kitten playing.. i lost my beloved cat two weeks ago, after 12 years together. she was family, i miss her every minute ♥

  6. oh so wonderful!
    it's lovely ot get letters in the mail :) and they look so good!

    and pixel... how i miss the curiosity of cats :)

  7. Pixel is so cute <3

    next letter leaves for Argentina on monday :)