just a minute in march

summer seems to be officially gone
and i can't wait to start wearing warm gloves & colorful scarves

reading antología mayor by alfonsina storni
watching melancholia
listening beautiful old songs
making plans for days to come
craving creamy soups and hot chocolate
loving my new gloves, they're mint green with bows & hearts

hope you have a lovely day


  1. you're so lucky you're just getting autumn. i'm all the way in america and i'm not ready for spring yet. i think i'll just move in with you. that okay? ;)
    love this post :))
    -jocee <3
    {pea ess: you prove to the world that film is not dead.}

  2. I clicked on your "Siesta" link and found that it's written in Spanish, and so is your friend's blog! Does this mean you speak Spanish, too?

    I also am no ready for Spring in the US yet!

  3. reading the hare with amber eyes by edmund de waal
    watching bel ami
    listening ludovico einaudi
    making dark chocolate mousse
    craving gelato
    loving my new tops... and your blog!

  4. Whaaaaaat? i'm so much in a mood for spring right now! i can't get enough of all the nice flowers blossoming everywhere, of the never-ending afternoon lazing with my friends in the sun etc. Anyhow, your pictures are still the best!

    1. oh, but after a long winter there's nothing i look forward more than lazy spring days and picnics under the trees :)

      but, to be fair, our winter is quite mild compare to yours. it never ever snows and the sun sets around six pm

  5. lovely lovely lovely darling!

  6. April in Portugal is blooming,flowers and sun everywhere and it makes a huge difference in my humor in general.
    I´m such a more happy person when the daylight enters the night and 'steals' some hours of darkness,but by the end of the summer i must confess i start to crave winter homey nights around the fireplace with my cats :)

  7. And just today i realized that i so want to revive my balcony with new flowers after the way-too-long winter.
    It will be fun to look at your winter impressions during the summer here:)

  8. How terrible, spring is just getting started here.

    / Avy

    1. i don't find it terrible at all
      it's good to have some lovely cold days after a long & overly hot summer ^^

      and it makes spring all the much longed for, too

  9. seems like summer is gone for me too...
    lovely photos and tones :)

  10. Love the first picture, hazy and dreamlike !
    And the flowers are special and so beautiful - took my breath away.
    I appreciate your creative photography,
    Take care and have a nice day !

  11. Very nice grain in these pictures. So wonderfully dreamy... Have a lovely day!

  12. love these photos! just beautiful :)

  13. hi victoria! just found your blog... it's really nice. hope you have a wonderful day.