good day sunshine

march is here and i still have three rolls of films from february to go through. 
mostly pictures of pixel, i'm sure.

the lovely joana from because green is still in and flaurette from floddertje gave me a sunshine award,
an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world 
these ladies are the sweetest ! <3

you're supposed to answer a few facts and then tag five other bloggers, so here it goes
favorite color: red
favorite animal: deers and foxes
favorite non-alcoholic drink: peppermint tea
facebook or twitter: snail mail, actually
getting or giving presents: definitely both
favorite flower: jasmines
favorite pattern: stripes and polka dots
passion: living
favorite number: pi
i'm not much of tagging person, but if you're reading this and want to do it,  
i'd love to read the answers from : ine , daniella , catarina , vero & chih

wish all you a wonderful monday


  1. Aw, thanks! Love your answers, deer and fox are pretty sweet aren't they? I'll fill this out on my next post! :)

  2. :) lovely photos. ginger cats are always beyond adorabble!
    have a nice week!

  3. glad I discovered your blog - the photography is inspiring. and happy monday to you!

  4. how sweet from you to pass me this :)
    i'll do it soon!
    and i'm sure no one will be bothered for seeing a lot of pixel in your next rolls :)

  5. I LOVE cats, more because I'm not allowed one myself. :(
    That was a nice tag & looking forward to more of your film work. :)