in bloom

"i am losing precious days. i am degenerating into a machine for making money. 
i am learning nothing in this trivial world of men. 
i must break away and get out into the mountains to learn the news."
john muir

october, 2014.

it's been months since i took a film photograph
and months of me neglecting this blog have passed.
i blame it on too much work,
the increasing costs of film rolls & labs,
and mostly on this little thing called instagram,
which is ever so addictive (and way, way cheaper!)

hopefully, sometime this year m. & i will be proper home owners
and all this effort will have been worth it
and things will be calmer, maybe even easier.
hopefully, i will have time for taking pictures and doing simple things;
and hopefully i'll even be able to get away from the city once or twice.
i miss the countryside
and the mountains
and the sea
and all things wild and free.
i miss them with my body and i miss them with my soul.


  1. Dear Toi, I so much understand the way you feel right now...
    Hopefully the New Year will bring good things, more getaway trips to the nature and more film photographs. Do not let go off this blog, please!

    1. thank you, dear polly! ♥
      i won't, i promise. i might not post that often, but i definitely won't let it go ♥♥♥

      and happy new year! :)

  2. ♥ tus fotos, John Muir, tus deseos..."and all things wild and free"...!

  3. oooooh felicidades por el proper owners :)

  4. i completely understand you, dear Toi. hope this 2015 brings more joyful little things - free time - outside adventures to all of us ♥
    congratulations on your new home! it's a wonderful and thrilling step.

    1. will be proper owners of the little apartment we're living in now, but if we're really really lucky, we might even be able to move to a bigger one, hopefully with a little patio :)

      yes, for a year full of adventures and wanderings for all of us ♥

  5. I hope everything comes true for you dear toi.. and do shoot more film, please! :) happy new year ♥

    1. i hope this year i can shoot more, i miss it so badly!

      happy new year, katie ♥

  6. John Muir ♡
    I visited Yosemite and Muir Woods last november and couldn’t help but think what a great man he was. None of that would ever exist if it wasn’t for his beliefs and activism. :)

    I think everyone who shoots film understand what you’re feeling. Mainly because we know how expensive it is and because we are all so sensitive.. We need to be in contact with all the things we love to keep inspired. Hope 2015 will be better. Happy new year. :)

    1. oooohh, i'd love to visit yosemite and muir woods! it must have been so beautiful and wonderful : )


  7. Oh my dear Toi, I wish your dreams will come true soon as I can totally understand you. No one should be away from nature and wild and the heart's needs.

  8. Hope everything going to be fine. Never give up. Anyway nice photos <3

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