film friday: the hunger

"humankind die one way, we another. their end is final, ours is not. in the earth, in the rotting wood, in the eternal darkness, we will see and hear and feel."
the hunger, 1983.

since today's film friday happens to be on halloween
we decided we'd celebrate it by watching something eerie.

vix first choice was a great choice,
but since rosemary's baby is one of the movies i've seen the most in my life.

we decided to go with decadent vampires, bauhaus, 80s gothic and david bowie,
whom i'm quite sure is a real life vampire, much like tilda swinton.

the hunger may not be the scariest movie of all time,
nor that much scary at all;
and, at times it may feel more like one long music video than a movie
but i still found it to be quite entertaining.
i might me biased, thou. i do have this thing for 80s and 90s films.

i've changed my mind
when i'm older, i want to be the vampire daughter of tilda swinton and david bowie
don't you just love them?

you can check vix's post here

have a lovely, spooky friday!

ps. i might have gotten a bit carried away with the halloween spirit...
so if you like ghosts, gore, vampires and/or vincent price,
i did a five days of horror thingy over at tumblr


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