film friday: only lovers left alive

"life is about appreciating nature, surviving things, nurturing friendship, kindness, and dancing."
only lovers left alive, 2013.

only lovers left alive is a movie about love
and i loved, loved, everything about it.
the colours, the music, the moods, the places;
adam's absolutely hilarious and perfect deadpan;
all those beautiful vintage books and instruments;
i loved them, i loved him, and, mostly, i loved her.

when i'm older, i want to be a vampire tilda swinton

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


  1. Tilda Swinton es una copada además de buena actriz.
    Parece divertida; sale para este finde ;)

  2. aaaaaa.... I wanted to watch this for so long! Maybe I will do it next month, cause it was in the program for the open air cinema. ;)

  3. A magical movie.

  4. these screenshots are so melancholic!!!

  5. Yes. Yes. Yes!

    And by the way, this would look great on a shirt: "when i'm older, i want to be a vampire tilda swinton" :)

    Have a great weekend!