film friday: megane

megane, 2007.
oh, how i love naoko ogigami!
what i'd give to live in one of her movies
i just love the worlds she creates,
simple, beautiful, magical.

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


  1. i could only watch megane, kamome shokudo and rent - a - neko so far. and yes naoko ogigami is simply superb. did you get any other movies of her? if you get it then do let me know the source.

  2. la vi ayer. Ahora quiero estar en esa playa haciendo los ejercicios de agradecimiento con Sakura-san y subirme a su triciclo; de la comida rica con una (o varias) Sapporo mejor no hablo porque me deprimo...