film friday: oh boy

"do you know what it's like... to have the feeling that all the people around you are honestly kind of weird? but when you think it over, then it becomes clear that the problem is with yourself. "
oh boy, 2012.
how often do i look around and think:
most people these days are just so weird.
and then stop and say "maybe it's me that's odd and not them".
but then again, i think that we all probably feel like this
at one point or another.
don't we?

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


  1. I picked up on that thought, too but I must confess... I tend to think that people are just plain boring, not weird. It depends on the day ;)
    loved oh boy :)

  2. I have to see this one...have a great weekend Toi!

  3. touche!
    so well said.
    thanks for this review dear Toi!