film friday: ernest et célestine

ernest et célestine, 2012
there is so much to adore about ernest et célestine
the animation is ever so beautiful;
and the story is chamallow sweet
with the perfect pinch of mischief

you can check vix's post here

hope you have a lovely weekend


  1. i will try to see this today :D

  2. this movie seems interesting. my weeks and months are flying away pleasantly, as every friday i wait for movie and every month i wait for desktop wallpaper. Life can't be better than this. :-)

    PS - i sent an email to you. do reply if you get it. {since its a first email, if it is not in inbox, surely it will be junk box ;-)}

  3. oh, this looks so nice! your film friday column is going better and better ♥

  4. never seen this, but I'll try :-)
    has excellent graphics and artwork.